Agricultural Technology Programme only offers undergraduate (BSc Agricultural Engineering). Postgraduate programmes (MSc ) are given by the relevant departments. Department of Agricultural Machinery is a subdepartment of Agriculture Technology in Agriculture Faculty since 1999-2000 academic years.

Department of Agricultural Machinery is going to be a subdepartment of Agriculture Engineering in Faculty of Agriculture from 2003-2004 autumn semester. At the same time our department has continued its post-graduate (MSc) education under Institute of Basic and Applied Sciences.

Undergraduate programme of agricultural technology is covered especially second and third year. End of the third year, students select the department according to their interests. Last year of the program, students take particular courses of the department and graduate. Students take compulsory or elective courses from their own department’s sub-programs and from other departments’ subprograms in last year programme.

Each department has its own laboratory; application area and different equipment.

Agricultural Technology Programme offers undergraduate (BSc Agricultural Engineering). Graduates find job opportunities in agricultural processing companies, laboratories, research institutes, marketing areas and government agencies.

The B.Sc. degree in Agricultural Technology Programme, with an annual recruitment of forhty students, is one of the five programmes; Agricultural Technology Programme, Animal Production Programme, Food Engineering Programme and Plant Science Programme in the Faculty of Agriculture. The Duration of the multidisciplinary programme is four year. First year focuses on the basic scientific subjects including chemistry, mathematics, physics, computing. The second year lectures are mainly on engineering. The third year lectures include basic professional subject that are given from different departments. The last year lecture includes compulsory and elective courses of sub departments.

Teaching is by lectures, tutorials and practical work in the laboratories, practical works on the fields and industry. Lectures are given in Turkish. All students undertake a project in the final year. Assessment for lecture courses is one midterm examination and one final examination. The average grade is determined as the sum of mid-term examination (40%) and final examination (60%).

Agricultural Technology Programme has many facilities for teaching and research. The main educational and research topics are applied based on the departments. Department of agricultural machinery in this program provides a high level of education. The research and education topics in this department are listed as follows:

Agricultural Electrification, Natural Energy Resources, Greenhouse Techniques,

Agricultural Tractors, Internal Combustion Engines

Cultivating Mechanization,

Sowing, Planting and Fertilizing Mechanization,

Mechanization of Plant Protection and Agricultural Aviation,

Mechanization of Harvesting and Threshing Techniques,

Post-harvesting Machines,

Management and Planning of Agricultural Mechanization,

Mechanization in Animal Production,

Computer Applications in Agriculture


Department of Agricultural Machinery deals with design, construction of agricultural machines, management and education on agricultural machine. The department has laboratories and workshop to research on, metal workbench, engine, measure systems, etc. In these conditions, prototypes of novel agricultural machines and equipment are produced. Current research activities in the department comprise development of available machines and effective use of them in agricultural product. The department has two professors, three assistant professor and two research assistants, and offers a graduate program that leads to M.S. in agricultural machinery. The current studies in the department include agricultural field equipment and farmstead systems, designing and managing systems for energy efficient tilling, planting and harvesting, quality and standardisation in manufacturing agricultural machinery, pictasia harvesting and processing technologies, biological materials processing, electrical and electronics technology in agricultural systems.





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